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MEET THE MAKER: Karissa Huerta of Chi Chi Ceramicas

MEET THE MAKER: Karissa Huerta of Chi Chi Ceramicas

We're constantly inspired by the talented makers that are within our community and in our markets! In today's segment of Meet The Makers, we're getting to know Karissa Huerta of Chi Chi Ceramicas. We love her modern twist on classic ceramics and we can't wait to see what else she has in store for us at our Findings Market Holiday Fair this season!


meet the maker: karissa huerta

How did the idea for Chi Chi Ceramicas come about? What started this journey?

Since I was younger, I always had a goal of having my own business. I had no idea what that would look like up until I took a ceramic class in college. What started out as just a means of fulfilling an art requirement evolved into a passion for pottery.

In college, we were required to stamp each of our pieces and my "logo", for lack of a better word, was a drawing of a boob. In Spanish the slang word for boob is Chi Chi, so I came up with Chi Chi Ceramicas in honor of my Latina background and my admiration for the female body. 


Amazing! Can you tell us a little bit about what inspires your work? 

I’m most inspired when I’m in community with people. Whether I’m at a coffee shop catching up with a colleague or gathered around a yummy feast with friends. I get inspired to create pieces that can aid in those moments of creating memories with others. 


chi chi ceramicas

What does your process look like? 

I get hit with design concepts at very random times so I compile all of my sketches in my notes honing in on a few that coexist well together and start working. I normally have a good feel for what clay bodies and glazes will be used after this step.

I then weigh out the clay and start wedging to eliminate the air bubbles which can cause a piece to explode when fired. 

Now, I'm ready to start throwing, using my hands as a tool to transform the clay to my desired shape. The shape then gets refined when I start trimming the ‘leather hard’ piece (not wet but not completely dry). Then voilà, we’re ready for the ultimate test against the first round of firing. After their bisque fired, I hand brush the glazes on so every piece is truly handmade. The ultimate satisfaction happens when the glaze firing is complete and these vessels are ready to be housed. 


What is essential in your workspace? What helps you set the mood and get into your creative flow? 

I don’t start working until I have a hot drip coffee on standby. I almost always have to be listening to Salsa music or some 2000’s Hip Hop & R&B song to get the creative juices flowing. I enjoy some spruces of eucalyptus spray in my studio. All those three things combined creates the most magical workspace! 


What does a perfect day in Ventura looks like for you?

A perfect day in Ventura would have to land on a Wednesday because the flea market is on Wednesday. I’ll take a trip to the flea, grab a coffee then head to the beach for a fun boogie boarding session. I love to finish off the evening roller blading from San Pedro to Emma Wood during sunset time. For a little cherry on top a home cooked dinner completes this perfect day. 


Is there anything new you're working on or any fun new collections you're bringing to our market?

I’ve been working on expanding my collection that is catered towards entertainment ware. A new item that will be making an appearance at the market will be a connectable platter that can be used to display food or used as an accessory piece. Also be on the lookout for the Maria Copita, my modern take on a wine goblet.




You can find Karissa's handmade ceramics, here, and at our Findings Market Holiday Fair on November 26th and our Good Tidings Market, December 3rd!



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