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Happy New Year! We're eager to hop right back into our first Meet the Maker segment of 2023 to get to know the talented makers that make up our shop.

This series is intended to shed light onto more of the talented folks that make, create & curate inspiring wares and goods for all of us to enjoy. Telling the story of these makers tells the story of this shop, our markets and the community of creatives that surround us.

Today, we will be getting to know Erin and Lauren - the organizing loving sisters who created Humble & Grand!  


How did the idea for Humble & Grand come about? What started this journey?

Humble & Grand was created out of a passion we shared for Design and Organization. We discovered that this combination was key to creating a peaceful and calm home.  Without clearing the unnecessary things that clutter our spaces you cannot create a meaningful connection with your home. When we connect to our homes and the style feels like us is when we feel that our home embraces us every time we are in it.
rattan rug beater

Can you tell us a little bit about your process of achieving functional and simplified spaces for your clients? 

The most important step is taking the time to discuss the client's needs. What they ultimately need for their space is of the utmost importance. They're being included in the process of sorting and editing is also crucial. This is a way for them to see what they actually have and to let go of what is no longer serving a purpose. Then we formulate a design plan, which will include values, style, and organizational systems. 
Ultimately we are trying to engage the client so it's more of an educational experience, rather than just a design overhaul. Our goal is for a deep connection of the home to be developed. 

Many of us are trying to commit to New Year's resolutions or intentions that involve us getting organized...what's your biggest advice to someone who doesn't find organization to come naturally to them? For some, it can be intimidating, how do you decide where to start? 

New beginnings are wonderful, but they can happen anytime. Don't just set them at the beginning of a new year, set them frequently and work away at them slowly. We believe in small wins over time. The small wins compound and then ultimately become big wins. 
When it comes to organizing it's best to start small, especially if this is an area where one struggles. When you begin with, let's say, a junk drawer, once you see it in an organized state, you feel accomplishment, you feel like an organized person. That sense of accomplishment can then take you to your next goal, maybe the kitchen pantry. Going about it this way also is a great way to create a habit of organizing. Which really is the ultimate goal. Organizing is not an end goal, it's really a lifestyle. 

Speaking of intentions for the New Year, do you have any yourselves or for Humble & Grand? 

We are always looking at improving ourselves and our company.  For the year ahead and the future of Humble & Grand, we are putting focus on being able to teach more people about the benefits of living a slower, more simplified life through workshops and videos. We will continue to work with clients in person as well, but would really like to reach a larger audience. We feel the loudness in the world just as everyone does, so keeping our focus on "less but better" is going to be as crucial as ever. 
On a personal level, we both plan to go on more hikes with our families and to enjoy all the local gems we love so much about this city.

You mentioned you're fans of minimalism while still acknowledging the value of incorporating objects that bring beauty into the home. What are your top 3 home essentials from your shop that you can't live without?

We are not so much fans of minimalism as we are of Simplicity. It's a beautiful thing when you visit a person's home that feels inviting and functional and peaceful. Usually, those feelings come from objects and how they are arranged or styled. It rarely comes from a room sparse of objects or furnishings.  We know objects hold value and tell stories and make daily tasks even more enjoyable sometimes. What matters is what you allow into your home and how much.
Home essentials we can't live without definitely start with baskets! You can literally organize anything using them. They are sustainable and will always add a stylish layer to your space. Wall hooks and peg rails are great for vertical organizing.  Lastly,  we can't live without a beautifully made kitchen brush. They are a better choice to the alternative plastic ones that are so harmful to our planet and they can be left out and look so lovely on a kitchen countertop. 

What is your favorite thing to do in Ventura? We know there’s a ton to do here so no worries if you can’t pick just one thing! We’d love to know what a perfect day in Ventura looks like for you.

There is a ton to do here! Boy, are we lucky!  We love the local farmer's markets. We always include that in our week so we can grab farm fresh produce for our family. 
A perfect day for us would start with a visit to our local coffee shop, then getting out to do a hike with our girls and collecting nature treasures. We are suckers for good nature treasures, things like branches or pine cones or sea shells in a beautiful ceramic dish or tray add so much life to a room!  Our day would definitely be complete with a picnic at Cemetery Park watching the sunset! 


You can find Erin & Lauren's beautiful curated goods, here.


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